Veteran’s Review and Appeal Board

In 1995, the Veteran’s Review and Appeal Board (VRAB)¬†was created to provide an independent avenue of appeal for decisions made by Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC).
The VRAB operates at arm’s length from VAC to provide a fair, independent appeal program to ensure Canadian Forces members, veterans and their families receive the disability benefits they are entitled to under the law.
There are two levels of redress for disability benefit decisions :
Review Hearing. This is the first and only time applicants can appear before the decision-makers to provide oral evidence and tell their story. If an applicant remais dissatisfied, then;
Appeal Hearing. This is a further opportunity for the applicant’s representative to make oral or written arguments in support of the case.
The Government of Canada provides a lawyer, free of charge from The Bureau of Pensions Advocates to help applicants prepare their case and to represent them at hearings.
The Royal Canadian Legion also provides Service Officers to represent applicants through The Legion Service Bureau.
The VRAB now publishes its Noteworthy Decisions on an ongoing basis. These are some of the most relevant and instructive decisions. They illustrate the broad range of medical or legal issues to make applicants aware of decisions that may be similar to their own.
Complying with the Privacy Act of Canada, these decisions are depersonalized to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the applicants.

Noteworthy Decisions

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